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Consider adopting older youth. In Pennsylvania, youth can remain in foster care until the age of 21. Many of the matching events listed on this page provide families with opportunities to meet older youth in care who are in need of permanency. Even though many of these youth are on their way to young adulthood, they continue to need permanent connections and a family to support, love and care for them. To learn more about this group of older youth please visit the Waiting Children section, and use the Search Kids tool and search by age range 17 to 21.

We celebrate upcoming birthdays for: Austin C02AB83, Brooklyn C02AC11, Kyle C04AA45, John C06AU90, James C09AF24, Joy C09AH11, Garrison C10AA59, Ace C11AB36, Rey C11AB45, Dylon C15AB75, Mya C15AC29, Libby C18AA26, Dakota C21AA42, Jaidyn C25AA98, Quamon C25AB03, Mikah C25AB28, Madison C31AB17, Gwendolyn C33AA28, Xzavier C39AD36, Na'shae C39AD78, Ivan C39AE84, Dylan C39AE85, Marshall C42AA78, Ryan C44AA80, John C46AB70, Julien C51BR44, Christine C51CJ87, Beverly C51CO20, Evan C56AA59, Jack C56AA91, Carly C63AA92, and Jim C65AC70.
You’re invited to a virtual matching event hosted by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services

It Takes A Village

WHEN: November 3, 10, 17, 22, & 30
(Wednesday 11/3, Wednesday 11/10, and Wednesday 11/17; Monday 11/22, and Tuesday 11/30)


WHERE: Virtual

The Philadelphia Department of Human Services would like to formally invite you to our virtual matching event, It Takes A Village. We know that you are looking to grow your family and we would like to help you by presenting our wonderful children who need forever families. The children who are waiting for their forever homes can be viewed at adoptpakids.org. All who are interested in learning more about this virtual event, or wish to register, please see the RSVP information.

Every child deserves a family and every family strengthens the village. We encourage you to grow your family, build and strengthen your village and give a deserving child a loving family!

RSVP: Byrnadia Fambrough at byrnadia.fambrough@phila.gov
Let's Talk About It - Adoption 101

WHEN: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

TIME: 12 pm (EST)

WHERE: Zoom - Register at https://bit.ly/3GdIS35

Let’s Talk About It - Adoption 101 informational session and Q & A- Door prizes as well!

For More Information:
Erika Schmitt
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania