Upcoming Events
Consider adopting older youth. In Pennsylvania, youth can remain in foster care until the age of 21. Many of the matching events listed on this page provide families with opportunities to meet older youth in care who are in need of permanency. Even though many of these youth are on their way to young adulthood, they continue to need permanent connections and a family to support, love and care for them. To learn more about this group of older youth please visit the Waiting Children section and use the Search Kids tool and search by age range 17 to 21.

We celebrate upcoming birthdays for: Alex C17AA39, Danielle C65AD39, Tayvon C02AB92, Sierra C02AB95, Honesty C02AC36, Victor C02AC44, Ray C02AC51, Wyatt C09AG50, Dhanayah C15AB59, Robert C19AA18, Demetrius C20AC41, Maya C21AA50, Blake C21AA70, Mason C21AA72, Resse C22CE92, Pretty Sandy C24AA09, Kaleb C25AB01, Ezekiel C25AB47, Ryder C25AB83, Amanda C28AB30, Charlie C28AB87, D.J. C32AA33, Grant C32AA50, Isaac C33AA32, Onya C36AB31, Dwayne C36AC59, Zeke C36AC65, Kaycee C37AA77, Isaiah C39AE70, AJ C42AA63, Greatness C44AA98, Nicholai C45AC40, Glittery Unicorn C45AC44, Shylynn C46AB31, Gavin C46AC74, Jack C48AD65, John C51AV61, Makayla C51AZ58, Rashad C51BL47, Kasim C51CF35, Jonathan C51CZ13, Josh C54AA68, Vivian C56AB00, Jake C61AA50, Preston C63AA57, Brayton C63AA68, Paul C63AA98, Leonard C64AA53, and Jade C65AC98.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania