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Keri Jobes
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Bethanna - Southampton
1030 Second Street Pike
Southampton, PA - 18966
Nazmire(Age 20)
Hello, my name is Nazmire. I am not quite like other teens my age. I communicate with my facial expressions and unique vocalization sounds. I consider myself to be a loving, humble, kind-hearted person. I am very easy going and usually amused by anything. I smile really big when spoken to directly and was told I have a beautiful laugh.

I have a ton of energy and enjoy going outside for walks, when I am able to. During my spare time, I enjoy spending time in the day room and gym with my peers, sister, and other adults. I also enjoy watching television and having social interactions with visitors. Lastly, I enjoy listening to music and participating in arts and crafts, as well as, participating in pet therapy and cooking sessions.

Hello everyone, my name is Nataya. I am not your typical average teenager. I can communicate by making some vocalization sounds. I consider myself to be a fun, loving, modest, free-spirited person. I am very easy going and usually amused by anything. I have a big beautiful smile and enjoy capturing the attention of others through my smile; as well as, making eye contact, using my facial expressions, and laughing. I also enjoy receiving attention from adults and visitors from the community. I love participating in social and recreational activities; including sensory activities, listening to music, and creating arts and crafts with my brother and peers. Lastly, I enjoy visiting and spending time with the therapy dog and spending time outside during the warm weather.

Through much determination and dedication, I am able to walk short distances with the help of others. I also enjoy being read to and can use my finger to help turn the pages.

We are looking for a family who does not see our differences as negative, but as a blessing. We need a family who can offer and provide us with a bunch of attention and affection, as we enjoy being around the company of others. A house in the city or suburbs, with open space and a lot of yard space, would be ideal for us. We like to stay active, both physically and mentally. If we had to pick the most important things, we would say we need a family who will love us both unconditionally, as each one of us is the peanut butter to the other’s jelly. We are looking for a family to adopt both of us and who can provide us with patience, nurture, and support. A family who is committed to our happiness; as well as, who will love and advocate for the resources we need, would be the best fit. We admit that we can sometimes be a handful; but once you get to know us, we can absolutely put a smile on your face.

Parental rights have been terminated for Nazmire and Nataya.

For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Keri Jobes, via telephone or email
Families must have an approved Family Profile (home study) to adopt a child. Only those families with approved profiles will be considered by the child’s caseworker in the county children and youth agency with custody of the child.
The information is given by PAE based solely on the statement of the family that they are approved to adopt. Families in Pennsylvania without an approved Family Profile are directed to contact 1-800-585-SWAN1-800-585-SWAN to pursue an agency in their geographic area. Families living outside of Pennsylvania are encouraged to work with an agency in their state to prepare the profile.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania